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Small-scale special foundation engineering technologies

Micropile is a slender foundation element that transfers axial loads to deeper layers of the foundation soil. By drilling technology of the company, we can realize tubular or rod micropiles introduced into small-scale boreholes up to 156 mm in diameter with cement grout and subsequent injection of the root part of micropiles.

Micropiles can also be realized as self-drilling with the use of a special drilling adapter, which allows the realization of micropiles in one production stage, during drilling work operations.

Micropile technology can capture existing objects and thus improve the construction conditions for the superstructure or reconstruction of objects. It enables realization of new depth foundations necessary for construction of industrial halls with limited height conditions.

Micropiles are used to stabilize slopes, temporary and permanent portals for tunnel objects, micropilot-based supporting walls, micropile lining walls of foundation pits and line constructions, deep foundations of high-voltage pylons and telecommunication pylons, transmitters, etc.