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Soil Anchors

Small-scale special foundation engineering technologies

The technology consists in the installation of temporary or permanent soil anchors for anchoring other geotechnical structures - wall, lining wall, anchoring the foundation of an existing building when it is undermined or stabilized, anchoring the shoring of construction pits, anchoring of new foundations installed on slopes, stabilization of landslides.

Anchors can be realized as rod - concrete reinforcement equipment or specially made anchor rod, or as rope anchors (two to 8-rope).

They are realized by installing anchor equipment (rod and root part) into a grout well filled with cement. After partial setting, the one-stage or multi-stage grouting of the anchor root is made and after the root setting the anchors are prestressed against the reinforced concrete support structure (RC (reinforced concrete) beams, slabs, prefabricated ribs) or steel columns - temporary and permanent beams from U, I profiles or sheet piling.

The anchors are used in a temporary form - their activation time is up to their temporary functioning within 2 years or as permanent anchors (anticorrosive treatment) with the possibility of their tensioning and long-term control of the state of stress in the anchor.