Large Diameter Piles

Large-scale special foundation engineering technologies

Stavex Top carries out drilled and unstretched piles with a diameter of 600 to 1200 mm in combination with drilled pile heads up to a diameter of 1500 mm.

Our company uses drilling rigs for the realization of work:
The technology of large-scale piles enables deep foundation engineering of hall, industrial, warehouse and commercial buildings, civil and residential construction and foundation engineering of transport structures (foundations of bridge structures, retaining walls, underpasses, etc).

By means of piles, the company digs out construction pits – cut pile wallsor lining walls with gaps between piles filled with gunite (torkret). In combination with timbering and steel-cylindrical profiles also lead anchoring.

The company also focuses on stabilization of landslides. It deals with the construction of gravel pile walls, lining pile walls, retaining walls, etc.

With pile technology we build up absorbing wells and boreholes with perforated casing or gravel filling.

Stavex Top utilizes several methods of sub-soil consolidation for floors and roads for industrial and transport buildings. Among the most preferred methods of consolidation are gravel consolidation piles as well drilled boreholes or realized by FRANKI technology.



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